What are the Best Sleeping Pills This Year?

With the onset of global pandemics and the consequential effects of these pandemics on society, the economy and relationships too, it is no wonder the stresses of everyday life have increased. Bereavement, fear of infection, loss of income and other aspects of life have significantly added to the effects of anxiety and insomnia, as well as other mental health disorders, for many people around the world.

Insomnia is the chronic disability of falling or staying asleep. Many who suffer from insomnia are often troubled by stresses relating to their jobs, finances, personal situations as well as other factors, but the causes of this sleep disorder are not limited to stress, they can also be as a result of a mental condition, such as generalised anxiety disorder (GAD).

Many of us may find it difficult to sleep, especially with arising issues such as global pandemics. However, for some these difficulties are a regular occurrence which prompts the use of sleep medicines.

Treatment of insomnia involves identifying and correcting poor sleep habits, but more-often-than-not these ailments require the use of pharmaceutical medications. Sleeping pills are one of these solutions and have become increasingly popular, all around the globe.

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How Do Strong Sleeping pills Work?

Sleep medicines are referred to as sedative-hypnotics, as they have therapeutic effects associated with sedation and hypnosis too. Sedation involves the reduction of feelings of irritation and excitability, by the administration of certain tranquilising therapeutics, whilst a hypnotic medicine functions to make one fall sleep. Both the sedative effects as well as the sleep-inducing effects are the mechanisms of action which sleeping tablets use.

Some of the most frequently used strong sleeping pills are:

· Benzodiazepines: alprazolam, lorazepam

· Non-benzodiazepines: zolpidem

Both benzodiazepines and non-benzodiazepines function by influencing the activity of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) in the central nervous system (CNS). GABA is the chief neurotransmitter which decreases the activity of neurons in the brain and these sleep therapeutics further enhance this depression of the CNS. As a result, a calmed mind, relaxed muscles as well an overall state of relaxation aid in the user entering a state of consistent slumber.

These medications are known to affect the different aspects of insomnia. They are known to influence:

· Sleep onset latency: this is the transition of an individual from wakefulness to sleep and this normally involves moving from wakefulness to non-REM (rapid eye movement) sleep but in some cases, can transit from wakefulness to REM sleep. Sleep medications can assist in reducing the time to sleep onset (sleep onset latency).

· Total sleep time: this refers to the duration one spends asleep. These pharmaceuticals can aid in increasing the durations of sleep per night.

· Nocturnal awakenings: middle-of-the-night awakenings are typical for the average person and normally occur several times throughout the night. For some though, these disturbances can become an issue as they prevent the transition back into a state of sleep once wakefulness has occurred during the night. Low dosage sleep therapeutics are useful for the disturbances associated with nocturnal awakenings.

Is it Common to Use Sleeping Tablets in the UK?

Sleeping tablets are commonly used in the UK and other areas as well. According to a survey conducted on 500 Google users, it was found that:

· At least 22% of people in the UK have difficulties sleeping every night

· Those who experience sleep disturbances once a week accounted to 15%

· Only 40% of people involved in the survey did not have any issues with sleep disorders

In addition to the statistics being relative high with regard to the use of sleep medications, these findings were also specific to gender. As it is common knowledge that women are more prone to insomnia than men, so too affirmed the result of the survey. It was reported that 27.5% of women in the UK experience difficulty sleeping, in comparison to 18.5% of men who experience the same.

Insomnia is prevalent in women because females undergo specific hormonal changes which may cause symptoms of this sleep disorder. Such hormonal changes are related to the menstrual cycles of women, which is probably why many females have reported sleep difficulties in the days leading up to menstruation.

Can Anyone Use Sleeping Pills in the UK?

· Normally, these medications are only prescribed for those over the age of 18 years. There are currently no approved prescription medications for the treatment of childhood insomnia in the United States, but certain circumstances have allowed for the use of sleep medicines, with proven safety and reliability.

· Sleep disorders are not common in children. Yet, the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) has reported that approximately 2 in every three children (below 10 years of age) have had serious difficulties with sleep.

· Senior persons are also cautioned when using sleep therapeutics. This is because the elderly are particularly prone to experiencing heightened adverse events, such as the risk of falling, excessive sedation and other side effects too. Moreover, those with kidney or liver impairments are cautioned against the use of these medicines as they have problems with the elimination processes of said medications.

How to Buy Sleeping Tablets

· In recent times, one of the most valuable advances in technology, relating to the healthcare industry, has been the development of online pharmacies or telemedicine. These are easy and convenient means of accessing healthcare products, through the use of electronic platforms.

· Online pharmacies have become overwhelming popular, as per a report that has indicated the size of these platforms to be worth an estimated USD 42.43 billion, as of 2019. This is, furthermore, expected to increase exponentially in the coming years.

· Those who buy sleeping tablets in the UK have often indicated that the most effective means of purchasing medications involve the use of e-commerce platforms. In most situations, a prescription is required but this depends on the type of medication you are purchasing, as well as your location.

· Whichever means of purchase you choose to buy cheap sleeping pills, the guidelines associated with the medication should always be adhered to. These recommendations are generally included in the packaging leaflets of the medicines but can also be found on sites dedicated to the retail of sleeping pills.