Visiting The “Real” Jurassic Park

Before we get started with this article, we want to state the obvious by telling you that you shouldn’t get too excited. Despite all the promises about the technology of the future that were made in the first Jurassic Park movie way back in 1993, it still isn’t possible to clone dinosaurs by extracting dinosaur DNA from mosquitoes trapped in amber. We’re not convinced it would be a good idea even if it were possible – we all know how that goes in the films, and it never ends well! You can’t visit a real-world equivalent of Jurassic Park, but you can visit several of the paradise islands and locations that were used in the filming of the monster hit movies – and they’re well worth seeing.

The Jurassic Park films are some of the most successful in the history of cinema. That classic 1993 original spawned a long-lasting range of sequels that are still being made today along with multiple video games, action figures, and even big money online slots attractions like Jurassic Island and a few officially-licensed Jurassic Park slots. You wouldn’t necessarily have thought that dinosaurs would turn out to be an attraction with online slots players given that cute, fun, friendly creations like the adorable Fluffy Favourites slot tend to be more popular, but it seems that there’s nothing that the Jurassic Park franchise can’t do. It can persuade us to buy movie tickets, it can convince us to play online slots, and after you’ve read this article, it might convince you to book a vacation too!

If you like the idea of visiting a Jurassic Park filming location without the associated perils of trying to hide from an angry, rampaging tyrannosaurus Rex, these are the places you’ll want to consider. We’ll give you a clue; they’re all in Hawaii.

Halona Beach, Oahu

Oahu is one of the lesser-known Hawaiian islands, which is a real shame both for the island and for all the people who’re missing out on spending time here. It’s one of the most beautiful places in the entire world, with stunning blue waters and hideaway beaches hidden by dramatic rocky outcrops. If you’re prepared to do a little walking and climbing, you might even be able to find a beach you can call your own for the day in perfect seclusion. The beach appears in the Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom movie shortly after the volcano eruption. You’ll be pleased to hear that there’s no risk of an active volcano troubling you when you visit in real life. If you’re a real film nerd, you might consider it a bonus that several scenes from the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie were also filmed here.

Pilaa Beach, Kauai

This is another Hawaiian island location. Hawaii has done the bulk of the heavy lifting when it comes to providing locations for Jurassic Park films, so it would be possible to fit several locations into a single trip if you so desired. Like Halona Beach, it will take you a lot of sometimes-difficult walking and climbing to reach Pilaa Beach on Kauai. Also like Halona Beach, the scene waiting for you at the end of the trail makes the trip worthwhile. Swimming in the sea here can be a little dangerous, so we don’t recommend trying that, but sitting on the beach and enjoying the view is the ultimate in relaxation. Pilaa beach found itself in the news a year or two ago because Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg decided to build himself a holiday home here, but you’re unlikely to see him during your visit!

Manawaiopuna Falls, Kauai

While you’re on Kauai to check out Pilaa Beach, stay a little longer and find your way to Manawaiopuna Falls as well. It’s one of the most perfect waterfalls on the planet, emerging from the forest and taking a sheer drop into a clear blue pool. This is the very definition of the word “unspoiled” where it pertains to nature. Don’t worry about trying to pronounce the name of Hawaiian pronunciation doesn’t come easily to you – this location is so closely associated with the first-ever Jurassic Park movie that it’s become known as Jurassic Park Falls even to the locals. Getting there isn’t easy, though. The waterfall is on private land, and while the owners do permit visitors, they only allow visits by helicopter. You’ll have to book a tour with an official operator, which can be a little pricey.

Kualoa Ranch, Oahu

This is the “holy grail” of locations for Jurassic Park fans. To be totally honest, it’s the “holy grail” of locations for fans of many different movies. Hollywood production crews come here to film so often that the area is nicknamed “Hawaii’s Hollywood Backlot.” Aside from scenes from three different Jurassic Park films (the first movie along with Jurassic World and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, if that matters to you), scenes from Kong: Skull Island and Jumanji have been shot here. TV production crews are also a common sight, with the casts of Lost and Hawaii Five-0 among the many previous visitors. You’ll know when you’re getting close to the right place when you see a sign stuck in the ground bearing the first film’s logo, planted right next to a fallen log that Grant and the children hid behind during one of the movie’s most memorable chase scenes. Take an official tour if you want to ensure that you see everything and get all the best photo opportunities.

We suppose we could have made this article a lot shorter by foregoing all the individual locations and advising you to visit Hawaii, but where would the fun in that be? Only people who’ve never visited Hawaii think the islands are small. There are several islands, all of which have their own sights to show you and culture to enjoy. Far too many people come to Hawaii and only see the “Big Island.” In our eyes, that’s a wasted trip. Checking out the Jurassic Park filming locations means you’ll also see plenty of Hawaiian island sights that most people miss out on. The filming locations are a good excuse to make the trip, but it’s the scenery that will last longer in your memory when you get home.