Useful tips you need to keep in mind before finding the best hotels in Chennai!

One of the most challenging parts to stay during your travel is to book a perfect hotel that suits you best. Choosing a bad hotel spoils your travel plan or your purpose of visit to Chennai and turns it into a nightmare. Right from managing the needs of all your family members and booking a hotel that fits into the right budget – there are many things that you need to keep in mind before booking a hotel in Chennai.

With the top best hotels in Chennai including Taj, Marriot, Hyatt, Sheraton group, etc. you need to look into the features they offer that must satisfy your stay.

Here are the lists of tips you need to keep in mind to find hotels in Chennai:

One of the topmost points you need to consider is to look for the location of the hotel. You might need a hotel that stays near to your work location or if you are unsure of where you move around in the city, it is advisable to prefer the hotel located in the center of the city to have good connectivity. Especially when you are traveling with family, considering the location is highly important as this might help you not to travel over a long time to reach once after you are done with the work.

Assure the hotel is located in a safe area or within the walking distance to the major locations you plan to visit.

With the overwhelming list of best hotels in Chennai, all those won’t fit your budget. So it is necessary for you to need to consider the hotel that best fits into your bill while you booking the hotel. Look for hidden costs and other value added services that are included before you finally book the hotel.

Check the amount and taxes that will be included before booking the hotel over the phone and check if they charge the extended room hour service, laundry service, etc.

  • Hygiene and cleanliness of the hotel

The next point you need to look into before finding the hotel in Chennai is to check the hygienic and cleanliness factor of the hotel. You can check this through the reviews of the hotel or through trip adviser where there are people who shared their experience. Especially while planning with the family, assure that the hotel contains basic facilities that include a swimming pool, kids play area, or other requirements.

  • Consider the reviews of the hotel before booking

While booking the hotel in Chennai online, you need to check for the reviews from the people who have stayed at the hotel before. Through social media, online forums, trip advisor, or google sites can help you in finding the right hotel that possesses all the facilities and requirements you need to stay there.

  • Advice from friends and relatives

If you happen to visit Chennai for a work tour or family tour, it is recommended to ask your friends or relatives who have already visited the place to suggest you the hotel to stay in. with the in-city travel experience and staying experience, they might share you some of the necessities you need to take into account before selecting the hotel to move around.

For instance, if you are traveling to Chennai for work, assure your hotel is near to the workplace, or if you are for the vacation, then consider the hotel in the center of the city to move to various locations such as Mahabalipuram, theme parks, etc. so you get better connectivity.

  • Friendly room features and amenities

The hotel should be equipped with all the basic amenities such as spacious ventilated rooms, bathrooms, laundry services, wifi connections, Television, room services, and parking facilities. When you are traveling with the family, assure if the hotel contains large rooms where there are enough beds to take rest. Also, check if they can provide additional pillows and beds for kids and a hot water facility before booking the hotel.

  • Check for hotels that have various outlets

It is advisable to look for the hotels that offer various outlets that include fine dining restaurants, coffee shops, and live counters which makes your trip interesting and allows you and your family to relish food options.

When you are traveling with the children to Chennai, you must check if the hotel provides separate pools for children along with life jackets. Check if there is any play area around the hotel so they can spend more time during the vacation. Few hotels in Chennai provide activities centers such as indoor and outdoor gaming areas such as tennis courts, cricket nets, or carom, table tennis, chess, and other gaming centers and so check into the facilities before you book a hotel.

Friendly staff in the hotel is 100 times more important than having the free wi-fi, or other amenities. While on the other than cleanliness and comfortability falls next in the list than food and luxury of the room. So look into the reviews of the hotel where they have mentioned the friendly staff members and the way they treat the guests before booking the best hotel in Chennai.

  • Contact the hotels directly

When you wanted to book the best hotel or branded hotel in Chennai such as Taj, Marriot, Hilton, Hyatt, etc. book them over the phone directly. When you book directly through the global hotel chains, you can earn loyalty points and status. This might also help you to know more about the hotel and the details of the facilities you need to enjoy in the hotel during the stay. For instance, if the pool is under maintenance, direct contact might help you to know the information, while you might not know by booking through the other sites.


From the booking point of view, risks and discomfort can be avoided when you compare the hotels and check for the reviews online. It is no wonder that travelers pay attention to the cleanliness and other lavish facilities in the hotel, while the good location fulfills the needs to feel connected to places. The above tips in mind can help you to book the best hotels in Chennai and also help you to relish your memories later.