Top 9 Business Perks To Look Out For

The right combination of perks can help businesses attract and retain top talent. However, the benefits that job-seekers are looking for are changing faster than ever before. So, whether you are looking for a great job that offers perks beyond a liveable wage or you are an employer hoping to keep your best from leaving, these nine perks may be worth looking into.

1. Flexible Schedules

More and more workers are looking for flexibility when it comes to their working hours. While this doesn’t necessarily spell the end of the classic nine-to-five, it does acknowledge that some workers perform their best at times outside of that window.

2. Retirement Program

While there is a huge push for newer benefit options to attract younger workers, some of the more traditional choices still carry weight. One of those is an employer-sponsored retirement plan. Both full pensions and investment accounts with a company match can help employees plan for a fulfilling and stable retirement. It’s a good idea to offer information about IRA rollover options so employees can make the most of their current investments.

3. Child Care Benefits

Workers appreciate benefits that help them balance roles at work and home. Child care assistance is a great way to show workers that you know their families matter. Plus, businesses that subsidize child care costs may be eligible for substantial tax credits in certain situations.

4. Health Insurance

Another tried and true offering, health insurance is a valuable benefit in more ways than one. For starters, any portion paid by an employer provides a financial benefit to employees. You also have the added benefit of healthier happier employees. Plus, there is evidence that health insurance leads to a more productive workplace with employees missing fewer days due to illness. This may be thanks to a greater willingness on the part of workers to seek preventative care.

5. Pet-Friendly Workspace

A growing number of workers are looking for pet-friendly workplaces. For some, that means a job that allows them to work from a home office, for others, it is going to an office that encourages pets onsite. It is imperative that employers are clear about behavior expectations and any restrictions before instituting a pet policy.

6. Unlimited Time Off

While it may seem like a far-fetched dream perk, more companies are realizing the value of offering unlimited vacation time. In general, this is not a free pass to come and go as you please. Instead, it provides the flexibility to take time for personal needs that need attention. That might be a vacation, or it might be spending a day with an old friend that is visiting from out of town. Unlimited vacation policies allow employees to balance demands on their time and often result in improved productivity in the long run.

7. Matching Charitable Giving

No business, no matter how small, is exempt from operating responsibly within society. For many, this means having a charitable giving program. Even small and mid-sized companies are jumping on board with matched giving programs. Others work with local charities to promote programs and give back directly to their communities. Look for creative ways to make a positive impact.

8. Educational Assistance

There is little doubt that education can help you get ahead in the workforce. However, it is cost-prohibitive for many people. Tuition reimbursement can benefit new employees who have student loans looming overhead as well as existing workers who long to further their education. At the same time, others may choose to seek out professional development opportunities to grow in their field.

9. Wellness Programs

Employee wellness programs go far beyond health and dental insurance. Health seminars, disease prevention programs, and gym memberships are all features that workplaces are offering to keep their employees healthy and happy.

A growing number of businesses are starting to realize that today’s employee benefits must go far beyond traditional offerings. For many people, features such as flextime, remote work options, and pet-friendly workspaces matter most. Others will appreciate tuition reimbursement and child care assistance. Luckily, the job market is responding and it is common to find a good mix of these listed in job postings.