The Cleanest Cities to Go For a Holiday

You don’t need to be a germaphobe to appreciate the beauty in cleanliness. One of the most attractive aspects when visiting a place on earth is how neat and well maintained the area is. Who would ever want to take their next vacation down to a dumpsite? Since cleanliness is considered next to godliness, many cities around the world look to take a step further in combating pollution. However, only a few cities have reached the heavenly status of being ranked as the cleanest in the world. The following are regarded as the neatest cities across the globe.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Regarded as one of the cleanest places in Europe, Copenhagen attributes its status in neatness from the residents using bicycles for public transportation as opposed to private cars. Regarded as the happiest city in the world, the city is an attractive tourism destination for would-be travelers. With low carbon emission, clean canals, and passion for recycling, visitors will be generally pleased to take a tour around the town.

Reykjavik, Iceland

The Icelandic city is ranked as one of the top Destination Sustainability Movement cities owing to its use of geothermal energy. The purpose of this renewable source of energy has led to less greenhouse gas emissions, less pollution, and clean air. Reykjavik is surrounded by Icelandic waters that are regarded as one of the cleanest in the world. The country is also a global leader in the push for environmental reformations and has won prizes such as Nordic Nature for the cleanest city within the Nordic region.


Known for its immaculate neatness and low crime rate, Singapore keeps strict laws when it comes to the issue of littering. Dubbed as ‘The Fine City” the country has laws banning the use of chewing gum, for example, attracting fines of up to 1000 dollars for possession! The government prides itself on the campaign efforts enforced to keep the city clean, spending millions of dollars yearly on sprucing up public spaces. This attracts many visitors who are left in awe of how well the country maintains its capital.

Calgary, Canada

Famed as the world’s cleanest city, the Canadian city is focusing its efforts on waste removal & recycling, traffic decongestion, water cleanliness, and reducing air pollution. Having a population of more than a million residents, the government’s measures to keep the city clean are astounding. Local non-profit organizations such as Green Calgary, have set up plans which encourage people to have better waste management. This makes it a definite place to visit, owing to the clean and serene environment.

Vancouver, Canada

Another top Canadian city in terms of cleanliness, Vancouver, is the birthplace of the environmental organization Greenpeace. The eco-friendly region promotes the use of renewable energy sources and aims to have a 100% green energy use for its transportation and electricity use. The Canadian city has trees all over the city that offer a lush green ambiance for its visitors to enjoy.

Kigali, Rwanda

With the famous ‘Visit Rwanda’ campaign, Kigali boasts being the cleanest city in Africa. The government, through its initiative, holds a clean-up day for all residents every month to clean up the city. The region also has a plastic bag ban imposed on both tourists and citizens in a bid to keep the city and country clean. Visitors coming to the town are well pleased by the warm climate and clean, fresh air along with unprecedented hospitality.

Hamburg, Germany

After recently banning the use of diesel fuel engines, single-use coffee pods as well as limiting plastic water bottles and cutlery, the German city has made great strides in keeping its streets clean. The country has also supported the Clean Air Initiative with a 500 million euro deal to strive for the use of green energy to combat air pollution.

Helsinki, Finland

The Nordic city ranks as one of Europe’s top in terms of air quality. Helsinki boasts one of the best public transport systems, which reduce Sulphur dioxide and carbon monoxide emissions as there is a limited need for private vehicles. Another factor owing to the city’s cleanliness and serene environment is the parklands dotted around the town along with nature reserves.


For most of the cities mentioned, the aims made to make them clean also makes them safe and desirable to visit. Anyone wishing to visit these places can check out online Dealchecker to get great discounts.