Real Estate Investor Winston Deloney Shares Tips For Buying Your First Rental Property

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One of the most effective ways to start gathering long-term wealth is to invest in real estate, particularly rental properties. Investing in rental properties is a good extra source of income. Some people even see it as a retirement plan.

Winston Deloney is a renowned expert in real estate investing with many years of experience. He will be sharing with us tips that will be important if you want to begin to acquire rental properties.

You have to be confident that you are fit to be a landlord.

Being a landlord comes with a whole lot of responsibilities especially if you are just acquiring the property for the first time. There are repairs and constant maintenance checks you have to do. As a tenant, you would not want to rent a property that has a whole of faults.

This is why you would have to make some repairs often time. You may pay someone to handle all of your repairs and maintenance. Investors who own numerous properties frequently perform their own maintenance.

If you feel like you do not have that time, then you may have to get someone to oversee all these activities for you. But note that this may come at a cost.

Study wide

Once you are confident that you can handle the responsibilities of a landlord, you need to study and research extensively on everything that has to do with rental properties.

Doing this will bring you to make decisions on your preferred property choices, the environment you want to get the property. Other questions you will be able to answer will include what kind of property you can obtain with your budget.

Once you have reached this stage, you will have a clear picture of your objectives and how you intend to achieve them.


Get an Ideal Location

Purchase your rental property in an environment that is growing. An area with a booming population and a redevelopment plan in the works is a good place to invest.

The area should have amenities that appeal to people of different ages.

These amenities include cheap property taxes, a good school district, parks, malls, restaurants, and movie theatres. Furthermore, low-crime areas will attract a bigger pool of possible tenants.

Speak to Landlords that have properties in your preferred area

Once you have decided on the area you want, speaking to local landlords will do you great good. Finding the perfect tenants for your property is very crucial.

You will not want to get someone who will stress you and destroy your property. To find the perfect tenants you should join a local landlord association or speak with experienced landlords.

Ensure that you do not have any personal debt

You should not have any debts like student loans when acquiring any real estate property. Purchasing a rental property may not be the best option at this point.

Also, if you need to pay for a major expense like paying tuition for children who will be attending college shortly, buying a rental property might not be a smart and calculated move.

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