How to Save Money on a Trip to Hawaii

Hawaii’s beautiful and gorgeous islands are a traveler’s dream; a tropical paradise truly worth visiting. You will never run out of exciting activities and fun things to do there. From fun and thrilling adventures, beautiful and lush nature, and pristine beaches to road trips and food adventures, Hawaii is surely a vacation destination of a lifetime.

As a world-famous travel destination, we may inherently think that a Hawaiian vacation will cost us a fortune. That may be true to others, but if you are keen on going to Hawaii without breaking the bank, there are easy and simple ways to save money on a trip to Hawaii.

That said, here are eight money-saving tips you can do if you are planning to visit Hawaii:

1. Book a Rental Home or Condo

Save money on accommodation by staying in an apartment or rental homes instead of a hotel. For one, vacation rentals are way cheaper than staying in a fancy hotel or a beachfront reservation. They’re also great because they come with kitchen and laundry amenities that allow you to prepare and cook your food and wash your clothes without paying extra.

Buying your groceries and cooking meals in your rented condo instead of eating in restaurants leaves you with the extra money you can spend on souvenirs and island activities.

2. Shop Wisely

When shopping around, look for vendor-type shops and pop-up stores as they sell their items at a lower price than those sold in the malls or your hotel. Scour around for discounts and promos on souvenirs and other noteworthy items. You can also haggle if you really want to have a good deal.

3. Travel Off-Season

The most affordable airfares and accommodations are offered during off-peak seasons. Hawaii’s off-season falls from mid-April to mid-June and from September to mid-December.

By booking your travel during the off-season, you can save a lot of money while still enjoying the best of the Hawaiian weather. Enjoying the island with fewer people is another great advantage of going off-season. This allows you to enjoy the beautiful sunsets and walk the Hawaiian shores without being bothered by tourist traffic and large crowds.

4. Ship Your Car to Hawaii

Shipping vehicle to Hawaii is another great way to save money, especially if you stay for a more extended period. Car rentals can be costly if you intend to explore the island by driving. Having your car is a convenient way to go around the island without worrying about the gas and the excess dirt. Yes, car rentals in Hawaii do charge extra if you did not wash the car upon return.

You’ll be able to arrange your sightseeing schedules at your own pace drive around the island in the comfort of your own vehicle. Besides, a car rental in Hawaii is the third-largest expense during a Hawaiian vacation. Finding out how much to ship a car to Hawaii will allow you to save costs than going for a car rental with exorbitant mandatory fees and taxes.

5. Look for Free Island Activities

Although you are expected to spend some money on activities and tours, finding some fun and free Hawaiian activities won’t hurt. There is so much to do for free in Hawaii. Instead of going to packed and famous beaches, you can opt to find more secluded beaches with stunning views for free.

You can visit some historical sites and famous spots without having to pay an admission fee. You can head to a local music festival, attend a cultural event, and watch the sunset on the beach without having to pay anything.

6. Travel with Your Friends

Group travel is a great way to bond and spend time with your family and friends. It’s also a practical way to save on travel costs. Besides sharing your apartment rental fee, pooling your money to buy groceries and sharing your restaurant bill is also beneficial to your bank account’s health.

Just make sure you are with people you genuinely get along with. After all, your vacation is supposed to help you relax and revive your energy, not stress you.

7. Buy Food from the Local Market

Buying from the local market is an excellent way to find fresh and cheap produce. A local farmer’s market is a treasure trove if you hunt for unique and exotic items. Markets are also a brilliant way to know more about Hawaii’s local food culture.

Food trucks and food stalls selling local delicacies are found all over the islands of Hawaii. Eating their local favorites allows you to get to know more about authentic Hawaii without hurting your pocket.

8. Travel Safely

We can’t stress this enough. Stay safe and healthy when you are traveling, not only in Hawaii but anywhere. Being sick or getting injured while on vacation is expensive. Even with travel insurance, hospital and doctors’ fees are pretty expensive.

Don’t do foolish and stupid things just to get a photo. Be mindful of your surroundings, and ask for help and advice from locals, especially if you visit a particularly dangerous area or spot. You can never be too careful when traveling, so take extra precautions and be healthy. Don’t forget to drink your water and eat your fruits and veggies.

Bringing first-aid medicines can also be of help to relieve allergies and mild fevers, and body pains.

Hawaii can be an expensive travel destination. However, with thorough planning and money-saving practices, you can make your Hawaiian dream come true on a budget.