Common Questions Asked in Filing a Personal Injury Claim

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Every person is at risk of sustaining physical or psychological injury due to another’s negligence. In the workplace, it’s common for employees to experience an incident that warrants a claim. Receiving compensation is the primary goal of a claim. But, not everyone feels confident about the process. Some will have fears, such as the possibility of losing their job. Here, we answer many of the common questions asked by individuals facing similar circumstances.

How much time do you have to file a claim?

Before doing anything else, for those working in Gloucester, you’ll need a solicitor in Gloucester who handles personal injury claims. A claim of this nature expires after three years. The time limit will depend on factors such as when you sustained the injury, or when you became aware of it. Besides, there are still exceptions, depending on the circumstances and as allowed by law.

Can a solicitor provide an estimate of the possible compensation?

There are many factors affecting the calculation. In the beginning, it may be difficult because you need a complete medical report. Your solicitor will try to give you an idea of how much you’ll get from the claim. Of course, this is only legal advice and still subject to change after completing all the medical requirements.

What is the process of valuing a personal injury claim?

There are two parts considered in valuing a personal injury claim. The injury part will need an accurate medical report from a medical professional. This report details specific injuries sustained and how long it took you to recover. The next part of the claim focuses on the expenses incurred after sustaining the injury such as travel and medication.

What about psychological conditions resulting from the injury?

Some people do suffer from psychological conditions resulting from the injury. For example, you could suffer from anxiety and depression. If you want to file for these too, you’ll need to receive a proper diagnosis from a medical professional.

Should you go through the trouble of filing a claim even for minor injuries?

You may not know it, but a minor injury could lead to lasting consequences. But, the value of your claim determines if you’ll need the services of a solicitor. Nonetheless, you can still represent yourself but it will have to be filed in the small claims court.

Will the claim go through a court trial?

Most claims get settled without needing a court trial. Usually, when the plaintiff and defendant can’t settle, that’s the time when a court trial ensues. In this case, the judge will decide on the case and award or deny the claim based on the merits and evidence provided.

What if I have insurance and the company offers to settle?

The choice to accept the settlement from your insurance company is a personal decision. It’s best to consider whether you’re getting compensated the right amount. Insurance companies offer to settle to prevent further issues when the victim decides to file a claim. Before accepting, try to seek the advice of a solicitor. A personal injury is no simple matter, and getting the compensation you deserve is a right you need to exercise.