Canadian Casino News

EvoPlay Entertainment has just released a brand-new game in Canada, and it is called Jelly Boom. It is the company’s response to the changing landscape of slot machines as it seeks to get more players to its roster.

In this game, players get treated to a vibrant and colorful slot machine. It offers multipliers, huge prizes, plus free spins. The game is different from other slots. Here, the player’s main goal is to feed the jelly characters.

The way you feed them is by giving them fruits, and these fruits appear on the slot grid. If you succeed in feeding them, they get to grow, and then they become adorable characters.

If you can play penny slots free, you can do the same with Jelly Boom as it is available on demo mode. The slot is a 4×4 grid, that features four types of jellies. If a winning combo is made, that fruit combo is fed to the jelly. The slot also has a scatter symbol and a wild. The highest prize is 15x your bet. The game has a total of 40 paylines.

To win, all you need is a three-symbol combo. The slot also has an avalanche feature. If you make a winning combo, these symbols disappear and are replaced by new ones on the grid.

Winnepeg Players Love In-Person Gaming

Over the past few days, McPhillips Station Casino opened its casinos after months of lock-down. Many people queued their way to the casino—a testament that they missed playing after four months of COVID-19 lockdown in Canada.

Since mid-March, many physical establishments in the country had to halt operations. Players had to rely on online casinos—they purchased lottery tickets online, and casinos like Club Regent and McPhillips Station had to close.

There are two gaming facilities in Winnepeg that got permission from the government to re-open. Both re-opened on July 30, and players flocked to their respective venues. All players were told to wear masks. It was a mandatory protocol to ensure that players are protected.

Also, players had to observe social distancing. This ensures that both the employees and the patrons are protected.

For now, only the slot machines can be used—the table games are not yet available as it is not possible to have social distancing, especially so because players will have to congregate around a table.

In the new schedule, players can also play live bingo. But this is not yet active. The bingo is set to open in the next few weeks. As of today, people can still bet electronically on the bingo games.

Also, casino operations are not fгll-time. Both managementі are working in reducing the hours of operation to ensure that they are in compliance with government expectations.

Loto-Quebec Offers Live5

Loto-Quebec is in the process of enhancing its offerings online. The latest that the company is working on is Live5.

Live5 is a separate company, and the two companies are working together to come up with an offer to the patrons of Loto-Quebec. The partnership is not a merger or anything like that, but merely working together to enhance the portfolio of Loto-Quebec. This move allows the company to have diversity in its online presence.

According to the CEO of Live5, their company is exploring different possibilities to expand its footprint globally. The partnership with Loto-Quebec is just the start.

Part of this partnership means that Loto-Quebec is going to modernize its current online operations, and this innovation is expected to go live in the second half of this year.

Cleopatra Corner Announces $19,000 Cash Prize

The British Columbia Lottery Corporation has a new promotion. It is offering $19,000 in cash prizes, and this is readily available to online players. There are nine games involved, and all these are offered in Cleopatra Corner.

To participate, players simply have to create an account. Once they have done this, they can explore the games, and they can also participate in the Cleopatra Corner. The nine games are inside the Cleopatra Corner, and players can join the weekly draw.

In all these games, a $1 bet is considered an entry. The more money a player bets, the more entry he has. The cash prizes range between $100 and $10,000 for each draw. The thing is that each player can only have one entry per day.

This rule is put in place to keep things fair. If you have gambled on the nine games, you will have the chance to win $10,000. All prizes are in Canadian dollars, and all the games are only accessible online.