A pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Here is how that pot can be yours!

Are you on a hunt for ways to win that lottery ticket?

Well, look no more! The universe has brought you to the right place – the place where your searching can finally come to an end.

That’s right! Over here, you will find the best ways and tips to follow to make sure that the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is yours and only yours!

Let us wait no more and get straight to the tips now.

  • Get your hands on those tickets!

A very common belief is that purchasing more lottery tickets can increase your odds of winning. If that may be true, why not go for it?

If one ticket has a probability of winning, buying more than one ticket can boost your probability of winning. Makes sense, right?

You should also buy in bulk as it is known that manufacturers actually spread out their wings in the tickets. So, why not take the chances?

Although a wise decision would be to consider if you can afford to buy more than one ticket and if it would be the right choice even if you can afford it, lottery tickets can be expensive. It is better to consider everything before purchasing them.

  • Join with your friends in a lottery group

Joining your friends or even other people you know can be a good decision to play lottery tickets.


Well, firstly, playing in a group is much more fun than playing individually – I think we all can agree on that!

Secondly, if you guys don’t win, you can share the loss.

Thirdly, you can get more tickets or invest more and increase your chances of winning without having to spend a lot on the tickets.

I don’t know about you, but I think that is one fair offer!

  • Choose your numbers wisely.

When deciding which numbers to choose, you should think and make the right decision.

For one, you should not choose the numbers of a specific date, like your birthday, your anniversary, or so on. What this will do is just limit your options and might decrease the chances of winning. Not only that, a lot of people actually go for numbers between 1 to 31 (a special date, maybe). If you decide to go for a number other than this, who knows, maybe you end up with a prize! The best part? You wouldn’t have to share that prize with anyone.

The second thing would be to not go for consecutive numbers!

And the third thing would be to stick with the numbers, once you have decided which ones, every time you play the lottery tickets. You may not have won the prize with the numbers one time, but who knows you win it the next time? Plus, the winning numbers don’t repeat.

  • Choose your store wisely, as well.

Just like it is vital to select the combination of numbers wisely, it is vital to choose the store that you will be purchasing your lottery ticket – your pot of gold – from wisely.

A friendly piece of advice that I will give you is to go for stores with fewer customers as there will be less competition and a higher chance of winning the lottery! However, the prizes may not be that big, but the odds of winning them are!

If you are planning to buy your lottery tickets online, you should look into websites that offer a good and convenient experience and are reliable as well.

Lastly, beware of scammers that are there more than you would expect. How you may do this is to properly research about the store that you are planning to choose.

  • Choose your games wisely.

Ah, yes. Another thing that requires your wisdom is when you choose your game.

You can look for games that are played at odd timings rather than the ones that are played and are quite popular, as this will significantly increase the chances of you being the winner of the pot of gold. If you go for a popular game, your chances of winning will be low as everyone will be there, literally!

Not only that, you should look for newer games as they will have more unclaimed prizes, and you can get your hands on those quick!

Lastly, going for a game internationally may reduce your odds of winning greatly as the numbers of players will be huge! However, going for a local game will comparatively allow you to have a higher chance of winning.

You know what to do now!

  • Don’t throw away those losing tickets.

You may be surprised to hear this, but those lost lottery tickets might just end up being your knight in shining armor.

Yes, that is right. Don’t throw away those losing tickets! In fact, hold on to them!


Firstly, you can submit your losing ticket and actually win smaller prizes, if not the big ones.

Also, there are times when there is no winner, so they choose a winner from the losing ticket – yes, it does happen!

So don’t let go of that losing ticket just yet; who knows, you might end up winning somehow?

Every losing ticket is a step closer to your win!

Not only that, some people don’t double-check their numbers and end up missing the prizes that they could get. Some people even miss their wins because of this! So you can get your ticket officially checked to confirm if you really did lose or not.

All the more reasons to keep that losing ticket safe and sound, right?

Another piece of advice: Keep checking your results to see the prizes that have been claimed. If you are from Ohio, lucky for you, we got a website for you that will be your best friend if you are into lottery tickets – you can find all the Ohio lottery results right here!

No matter how many tips and tricks you try to apply, it all comes down to your luck in the end.

So what you should do is treat it like a fun game but don’t take it too lightly!

Do the best you can with whatever you can control, and let life take control of the rest.