7 Travel Hacks for Long-Term Wanderlust

Any sort of exploration for an avid-traveler is going to be exciting, but long-term travel is where it can get even more interesting. If you’re planning to head out to a new country for a significant period of time — or maybe you’re planning to country-hop over the course of a year or two Art & Entertaiment — then there are many key arrangements to make for your travel, your personal circumstances, and the home life you’ll be leaving behind for a while.

Long-term travel is always going to need a substantial amount of savings, both for your actual activities and also as an emergency buffer. It’s, therefore, a good idea to save up as much as you can before actually setting off on your travels so that you have more financial security.

  • Make a Decision on Your Employment

Depending on what your employment situation is, it may be that you’re entitled to long-term leave with a job waiting for you when you return from your travels. Perhaps you have to give up your job instead in order to travel. Maybe you’re even planning to pick up paid jobs along the way.

Whatever you have planned, make sure you’ve arranged your employment and income situation before you leave.

  • Keep Someone Back at Home Base Updated

Make sure someone you know who lives back home knows what your plans are, with regular updates. Long-term travel — especially solo travel — can take you away from everyone you know for a long time, so keep in touch with at least one person so that they know you’re safe and where you intend to head next.

If you’re paying a mortgage on a property that you’re planning to vacate for a long time in order to travel, you may want to consider renting it out. This means you have a way to pay the existing mortgage charges every month without having to pay for them while not living at home.

You can always store any personal belongings in a self-storage unit, like the options with www.storagearea.com, in order to clear the property for a tenant or simply to protect key personal items while you’re away, as many storage areas have great security in place.

Long-term travel is exciting, but it doesn’t have to be a sprint. Don’t be tempted to cram in as much as possible; instead, take it at a healthy pace and make sure you make time for rest as well as sight-seeing so that you can look after your wellbeing.

Travel is always easier when you have less to worry about. Plan to take as little as possible, so you don’t have to battle with heavy, ongoing luggage. Live simply and minimalistically whilst traveling to save on energy, stress, and money.

  • Keep Your Belongings Safe

Your phone, your cash, and your passport are going to be essential for long-term travel. Make sure to always keep your belongings safe, whether on your person or in a dedicated locked safe within the accommodation.

Final Thought

Make sure you can relax and enjoy your travels by taking the right steps to protect yourself and plan for the best.