7 Key Areas to Cover Before Hiring Web Developers in Penrith

In order for your business to put its best face forward, you need a well-designed website that accurately reflects your brand. Additionally, your internet presence needs to accomplish two key goals: 1. Drive potential customers to your website, and 2. Turn site visits into purchases, inquiries, scheduled appointments, referrals, or any other customer action that leads to profits or potential leads. If you have a web developer already on your staff, then you have this covered. But, if you are planning to hire talent who will help you with web development Penrith and Sydney, you may want to answer the following questions before you offer the job.

1. Cost

Since web development can be a significant investment, you want to plan your budget to include the site features you need but you might also prepare to allocate a little extra in case you want to make changes in the future. If seeking a digital marketing firm for web design Sydney, find out:

  • What services are included?
  • Do they charge a flat rate or per hour?
  • Are their billing policies transparent?
  • Will you get good advice regarding what tools and features you need to choose upfront?

2. Experience

You can find out the level of experience for potential hires by perusing websites of companies or individuals specialising in website design Sydney and Penrith. If they have examples of their previous work or a listing of local businesses who are previous clients, you might get an idea of how established they are in the industry. When interviewing, you can ask them:

  • How many clients have they served?
  • What does their portfolio say? How many years have they been in the business or how many projects have they completed?
  • Do they have an in-house web design team or use mostly freelancers?

3. Reputation and Track Record

This is another bit of information you can glean from looking at sites for companies providing web development Penrith. In addition to their official business web pages, you can look for client reviews on Yelp or Word of Mouth. During your reviews of a web developer’s reputation and track record ask:

  • Are they reliable and dependable?
  • Have clients been satisfied with the work?
  • What do online reviews and testimonials say?

4. Timelines

Although you want to be somewhat flexible with timeline changes for your web development team, you also need to prioritise what your needs are. If you have already set a goal date for your website completion, let your candidates know your expectations. When face-to-face with potential hires ask them:

  • What is their estimated time needs from start to finish?
  • According to former clients, how long do projects take to complete?
  • How will the proposed amount of time affect the price of the project?
  • Will your website’s quality increase if more time is added to the project?

5. Accessibility

Companies that have had less positive experiences with their new websites have complained about not having user access to make changes. Experts recommend that you have control to update your website on your own. Here are the questions to answer:

  • Will you have easy access to the management of your site?
  • Will you have complete ownership of your site?
  • What content management system (CMS) will be used?
  • How user-friendly is the CMS?

6. Communication and Management

During the project, you will want to have progress updates. Determine what your preferences are for communicating with the developers and then ask them:

  • How or where will you meet for updates?
  • Will there be a project manager assigned to your job?
  • How are the team members selected?
  • Who will you contact if there are problems?

7. Customer Service and Support

A decent firm specialising in web design Sydney will ensure that you have the level of customer service and support that you need once your website is up and running. In order to try to prevent future headaches and downtime, find out:

  • After the website is completed, how will the developer provide support?
  • Are tech support and maintenance services ongoing or temporary?
  • Do they have a support and maintenance plan in writing?

Ready To Hire

When you think you’ve found the right firm or freelancers for your project, you can move forward with the hiring process. If you’ve covered the key points and answered the questions leading to the right hire, you can sit back and look forward to seeing your company’s new online image.