6 Damageable Myths About Your iPhone Charger

Of course, all phone owners want their battery to last longer. But after a while, we notice that the phone begins to run down faster not only when we play hard games but also when we watch a match on 22Bet Senegal or chat with friends. So there are a lot of rumors, unverified assumptions, and outright myths about the battery life on the iPhone. Let’s deal with the most persistent of them and understand what you should trust.

Your Phone Can Only Be Charged With the Original Charger

It is better if the charger is the same brand as the phone. However, while the cable usually lasts a long time, the charger unit can fail, get lost, or burn out. Is it worth buying a charger unit from another manufacturer and won’t it damage the phone’s battery?

Both the cable and the power supply are better to be original ones. But if you cannot buy them, take a power supply of another brand. The voltage of the charging unit must be the same as the original one. If you need a new unit, buy only products from trusted companies, like Samsung. Buying fake cheap chargers is a sure-fire way to waste money and risk your phone’s battery.

Never Use Your Phone While Charging

It’s a myth. As long as the charger is not a fake one, you can use it to charge your phone while using it. Scary stories that the phone owner could be in danger of injury from an exploding battery or electrocution are nothing more than echoes of ancient stories about cheap Chinese phones, and these stories happened years ago.

The Battery Will Last Longer if You Always Close Apps That Aren’t Running

It’s a misconception spread among lots of iPhone owners. People proceed from the assumption that even idle apps still consume battery power and lead to a rapid discharge of the phone. In fact, this is not the case.

Hibernating apps do not consume battery power. On the contrary, the idea of “sleep mode” came about to save battery power. The point is that apps “remember” information about their last actions before going into sleep mode. This is done so that the battery is not wasted on a new search and display when you open the app again.

Don’t Leave Your Phone Charged Overnight

It is believed that the battery can overheat or fail from being left on charge for too long. Of course, this is fiction. Nothing terrible will happen if you leave your phone plugged into the charger overnight.

With Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Turned off, the Battery Drains Slower

An interesting myth based on the supposedly constant drain on the iPhone’s battery power when data transfer is running. In fact, cellular communications consume far more battery power than Bluetooth and Wi-Fi in active mode. If they are on and not in use, they do not consume battery power. So, it makes no sense to turn off data or the Internet.

You Need to Fully Discharge the Battery Before Charging It

That’s pretty damaging advice. Constantly going from zero percent to a hundred can harm the capacity and performance of the iPhone battery. It’s best to recharge your phone when the percentage of charge is approaching low.

About once a month, it’s a good idea to perform a full discharge/recharge cycle. This ensures it’s calibrated and can help if your phone has begun to require a charger more often. The best thing to do is to discharge the phone completely in the evening and charge it while it’s turned off.